Long distance warning & deterrence. Anti-terrorists protection on sensible selected areas. Unmanned reconnaissance.

Border security, intrusion alert and warning, crackdown on illegal trafficking and immigration

Disaster evacuation & broadcasting, fire scene control, riot and rally control, pubblic announcement and control on sport and music events, prevention of hooligans.

Offshore powerplants, Oil and gas rigs and pipeline, embassies and governmental installations, and property security and preservation - Intrusion alert, warning, and denial.

Endangered personnel communication and broadcasting – Visual marking of selected rescue areas sea SAR and firefighting

Confinement of Wildlife within selected areas, bird strike prevention on Airport runway and taxiways. Farm, orchard and fish farm protection

Anti- Piracy applications, illegal trafficking control.

NOLTECH Non-lethal systems APPLICATIONS Example of application
Border control & patrol vehicle and fixed position simultaneous

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